I recently had the opportunity to work with your staff. I checked my mother Jeanette Canada into your facility for rehabilitation from a very serious spinal infection. This entire experience was very traumatic for me and my family. Out of all the facilities available t her, I chose Carriage Hill.

What a wonderful choice! Your staff treated my Mom like the queen that she is. They were pleasant, caring, knowledeable, and no matter who I talked to, or what questions I had, everyone was on top of their game. My mother was at Carriage Hill for 20 days or so. When I took her from mary Washington Hospital to Carriage Hill, I was really concerned about her condition. The next time I came to visit she looked like a different person. It was obvious that she was being cared for the minute she walked in the door.

Her only issue was “They feed me too much”. People are very quick to complain, but this is a compliment to you as a leader and the nursing staff. I also need to mention the administrative staff, on-site social worker, the kitchen staff, visiting nurse and everyone who assisted my mom.

She is now home doing well and just celebrated her 82nd birthday. Ms. Threatt, don’t just file this letter. Make sure that your staff knows that they are appreciated. “Reward the behavior that you want to see repeated!”

Blessings to all who care for the sick. They will be blessed!

– The Canada Family

My name is Linda Reynolds and I am writing this letter on behalf of my brother in-law Harvey James Reynolds (nickname Monk) who is currently a patient at Mount Vernon Nursing & Rehabilitation Center located in Alexandria, VA. After my first visit with my brother in-law, I realized how important it was for us to have him closer so that he would have the support of his family. I know how family support gives the patient the will to live a better quality of life. I retired after thirty-eight years of working in six different hospitals, and I saw first-hand how well the patients that had family support did, verses the patients that did not have family support.

Your facility was the second one I visited. I was greeted by Dorothy, who was so pleasant, and she informed me that she would page someone for me to speak to because it was Saturday and the admission office and Administrator were not available. She paged the on-call social worker and I was introduced to Brian Schreech. I must say, he was so informative and I had so many questions. Not once did he give me the impression that my questions were not important. He did advise me to call on Monday and speak to Vicki Perkins, Admissions Coordinator.

I am writing this letter because I was so impressed with the professional way that I was treated, and with that said, I know that this is a place we would truly feel that Monk would get the best continuity of care.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

– Linda L. Reynolds

This is a letter of appreciation and thank you. I was a resident from February 09 through April 09. The quality of care that I received was outstanding. As a person who has spent a lot of time in nursing homes and hospitals, I found the care at Carriage Hill to be exceptional.

On the subject of the nursing staff, which is to include all, I was impressed with the care and treatment each resident received. Call bells were answered in a timely manner, rooms were always cleaned and made neatly as to have a touch of home. As we all know, being away from home can be a difficult time for everyone. This goes without saying – every department truly went out of their way to make my stay as pleasant as possible (rehab, activities, maintenance, admissions, nursing, supervisors – as stated earlier – everyone).

I found the facility to be very clean, well kept, and even the smell wasn’t one that made you feel you were in a nursing home. In conclusion, I would like to say how much I appreciated the wonderful care I received and I know that if that time shall occur again, I have a place to come back to. All of this was made so easy for me because the Carriage Hill staff aren’t only caretakers and professionals, they are a part of my extended family.

– Brenda Lewis

I would like to commend several of your employees. I called Marian Whitehouse, your Dietician, last week to see if we could get a sugar free cake for my mother’s 85th birthday on Tuesday, May 26, 2009. She said she would be glad to make a cake for her. It was beautiful and delicious. My mother loved it and it made her birthday so special. Our thanks to her.

Sharri Willobey, her aide, was most helpful with making it a very special day. She brought the cake in and ice for our drinks. Very attentive to our mother, she was very pleasant and kind to all of us. Our thanks to her.

Doreen Taramore, the floor nurse, was most helpful and caring. She was very professional and saw to our needs. Our thanks to her.

In addition, our dealings with your staff, Nancy Strain, Tina Carter, and Lauren Spinelli have been delightful. They have been eager to help us, informative and very professional. These ladies are an asset to your business. Our thanks to them.

– Betty R. Hairfield

My experience at Carriage Hill was first-rate in every way. I’ve read the stories about Carriage Hill, and I am compelled to tell of my experiences there. I arrived there from a hospital on a stretcher, with a fractured pelvis and a fractured arm leaving me in pain and incapable of walking.

Before I was there an hour, Nurse Vivien was at my side reviewing my medicines, taking my medical history, and providing my first glimpse of what Carriage Hill was about. The next morning, much to my disbelief, a young therapist told me I would get out of bed and use a walker that morning. Having been confined to a hospital bed for days before, this seemed like something far beyond my capacity or desire.

I was on a walker that morning and into physical therapy that afternoon. Over two weeks’ time, I recovered sufficiently to walk with a cane and take care of myself. I was surrounded by nurses, aides, therapists, janitors, and even several of the senior hospital staff who called on me to ensure my care was satisfactory. The dietitian, noticing I had lost weight, ordered special meals to replace that loss. I saw cords tied to the bed rails by the patients, fearing the loss of the nurse call button. I did the same thing.

I saw nothing but kindness, caring, dedication, and professionalism from every staff member. I saw empathy showered on older residents by staff members young enough to be their grandchildren — and it seemed quite real and genuine, and the norm at Carriage Hill.

What makes Carriage Hill valuable is its staff. The death of a patient is tragic, because the staff could not prevent it. The same can be said of every hospital in the country. We need to learn and move on at Carriage Hill. To do otherwise is to guarantee that another caring facility disappears, and future patients would be the losers.

– Don Keehan